Here are some testimonials of our work:

“Kyle polishes the clear coat on the paint to a mirror like finish that is often time better than the factory finish. I am a car guy myself and love to detail cars, but what Kyle does is truly an art. I have never seen such a great finish on vehicles paint as what Kyle does. Plus he even cleans the interior of your car to look like new, no oily, greasy dressings, just clean and natural. I would recommend Kyle’s work for any classic car, custom, high end exotic, or the daily driver. Great job, a step above the rest. Thank you”

-David Tosh


“Kyle, Thank you for the impeccable work you have done for me. I have now hired you on 3 separate occasions. The first time was for my 1989 Baretta powerboat. I can’t even believe it is the same boat. You brought back the color to an almost like new finish after years of fading in the sun. The old owner of the boat can’t even believe it is the same boat! Next, I had you do my 32″ Wellcraft. Same story. It looks amazing! Last, I had you detail my Pontiac Grand Prix. What a shine! And you did an outstanding job on the interior. I still can’t believe you got rid of all of that pet hair and slime. It is without hesitation that I give you my highest recommendation!”

-Joel Schaaf


“I was pleasantly surprised when I picked my boat back up.  From a sun beaten fade to a shiny red finish!  Thanks”

-Steve Frody


“There are certain things that mean more to a person than the actual price of the product.  My kayak, a handmade 18 foot, mahogany wood, chesepeake light craft is just that.  It’s my prize possession.  No one touches my kayak.  Except for Kyle.  His work to restore its original look was remarkable.  It’s as good as new, even though it has thousands of miles logged on the water.  Kyle, your work and your desire to do good work was simply awesome. Thanks”

-Jay Capozzoli


“Several months ago I hired Kyle to detail my Plymouth Mini-Van, a vehicle with over 290,000 miles. I’m pleased to say that the car came back with a ‘like’ new exterior finish, and the interior was also professionally cleaned. I’m pleased to recommend him for all your vehicle cleaning & reconditioning.”

-Jim Kuiper


“After struggling to remove my Boxer’s hair from the black fabric seats in my wife’s car, I took it to Affordable Automotive Detailing. Kyle not only removed the hair – he made the car look like new, inside & out. Thanks to Kyle, I no longer need to sleep in our unheated garage because I let my dog in her car.”

-Mitch Kahn


“Stole BF’s Mercedes to have Kyle buff out a few fender marks. (I did not make those) Kyle let me hang out and watch as he buffed out the marks and told me how to fix the one’s too deep. I plan to try to steal it again to have exterior detailed.”

-Patty Williams


“After borrowing the Honda from a friend recently, we decided to have it detailed before returning it to the owner. Kyle made it easy for us by picking up the car at my wife’s work and delivering it back when he was finished. The car came back looking like new. The finish came out amazingly well. Scratches and dull spots are now gone. I would highly recommend Affordable Automotive Detailing. I plan to use Affordable again on my own car soon.”

-Bill Tyson


“Kyle has an uncanny ability to artistically work the clear coat of an automobile and restore it to a “better than new” finish (along with the rest of the car, of course!). The value that he brings to his service compared to all his peers in his industry is simply unmatched. The longevity of the results his service provides is stunning. When it is time to restore the look and “feel” of your Car, Truck, SUV, Boat, Motorhome, or Motorcycle, choosing someone other than Kyle is a complete waste of your hard earned money. There is NO ONE better then Kyle. HIs passion and enthusiasm to provide you with the best looking ride on your block is refreshing and contagious. After working with him you will no doubt feel has you made a new trusted friend that you can count on EVERY time! I promise, once you give Kyle a try, not only will you NEVER use anyone else EVER again, you will be proud to tell all your friends about your new FRIEND, Kyle! … Go ahead, “Pimp” your ride, you deserve it! What are you waiting for ??

 -Kevin Bolhuis



“Kyle has the knowledge and talents in turning an old beat up copper penny into a NEW shiny GOLD NUGGET. I surprised my wife in getting her car detailed by Kyle and boy was it amazing. It was spotless inside and smooth on the outside. One of my best anniversary gift’s.”

-Steve Bishop

Master Senior Technician at BASIC COMMUNICATIONS.



“Kyle detailed my Sebring convertible. He did an amazing job! When I got the car back there were no signs of snacks or lattes. The leather seats were beautiful and soft. It’s easy to forget how great your car look. The finish on the exterior was beautiful and many of the small scratches were buffed out. Kyle’s pickup and delivery were an added bonus I hadn’t expected. I will definitely be using Kyle to car for my car on a regular basis!

-Kathi Jo DeYoung

Business Coach, Strategic Planner & Speaker